Alt2XML is a library/framework for loading various file formats as XML. Thus you can use whole XML ecosystem of tools and standards also for alternative formats like INI, JSON, .properties or even filesystem (tree of directories and files).

Alt2XML can be used as standalone tool – on command line, in UNIX pipeline. Or also as library (SaX parser) in your application.

In 2014, this project was presented at a conference. The slides are available here: sql-api_alt2xml_talk_2014.pdf. There is a follow-up project: Relational pipes.


Alt2XML consists of several modules:

  • alt2xml-cli – command line interface, runnable program
  • alt2xml-in-fs – input module for filesystem
  • alt2xml-in-ini – input module for INI files
  • alt2xml-in-json – input module for JSON files
  • alt2xml-in-properties – input module for .properties files
  • alt2xml-lib-input – library/interface for input modules
  • alt2xml-lib-output – library/interface for output modules
  • alt2xml-out-xml – output module for just printing/serializing XML
  • alt2xml-out-xpath – output module for XPath querying
  • alt2xml-out-xslt – output module for XSLT transformations

Alt2XML is designed to be minimalistic and modular – so you can use just modules you need. Available modules are automatically discovered.

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